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The Quillage

New Hampshire

The Edge

"The edge represents the fringes of society. The interface. The delicate gray areas and loopholes. Those who peer towards society on the periphery. In ecosystems, Edge effects occur when two habitat types meet, mingle and dance and thus allow for more productivity and biodiversity.

​Resilience? Capacity to adapt and respond to adversity. Let’s build it.

Resistance? To social influence. . .think and feel for yourself.

Regeneration? Community. The Forests. Mental Health. The Ocean. Intuition. Healthy Rivers. Vibrant, Environmentally Sustainable communities..."


About Us

Lifelong anarchists with a combined 15 years of experience with New Hampshire freedom projects and numerous international events, we have decided to host a venue in order to participate in helping Porcfest 2021 create the magic that will shape history.
We have collectively traveled nomadically, led collaborative group projects, participated in a variety of cutting-edge endeavors in ecological agriculture, technology and community and taught a multitude of diverse topics to audiences of all ages.